Why Go Solar

Control over energy cost

Using solar energy, you can easily predict your electricity cost.

Save money

Solar energy has a much lower cost than electricity.

Save the planet

Solar energy emits 90% co2 less than natural gas and coal.

Energy independence

Clean solar energy provides us with unlimited and reliable sources of energy

1- It all begins with a quick free consultation

Proper solar solution with a custom-made quote based on your energy consumption

2- System design

We will visit your home to examine your roof and take exact measurements, then our engineers will design a custom system that matches your needs

3- The three-party agreement

Technical files will be submitted to the distribution company (National Grid), signing the contract with solar installer, the client and the distribution company

4- Installation

Work starts by maximum 15 Days after consultation.

5- Activation

Once all approvals are in hand you can easily start generating your own clean, green & renewable energy.