Our Products

We Provide our clients a second option for turnkey solution (Supply and Install).

On-Grid System

Grid-connected are systems which are connected to the local government electric grid. these systems are defined into two categories self-consumption systems and feed-in tariff systems.

Feed in-tariff  these systems are delivered to the client as investment, its objective  to sell all electricity production by connecting to the official electricity grid which will be calculated by gross meter.

Self-consumption are systems delivered to the client to cover his local consumptions and the plant production is feeding his loads during the day, connecting to the grid will decrease the total invoices paid by the client.

Off-Grid System

Off-grid systems (Stand-alone) are completely separate from the government’s local grid. Using power storage units (batteries) to save power to feed the clients’ local loads in emergency time or to feed areas without grid supply, these systems are more reliable than the usual backup systems. Solar installer offers systems ranging from 100w to 1 megawatt depending on the client’s budget and demands.

Solar Water Pump

Solar installer offers the pumps solution whether it is surface or deep pump depending on the water head, daily water quantity required, pump dynamic depth, area of irrigation and other aspects that we take into consideration while designing the system after a certain questionnaire to the customer.

• Efficient operation
• Stylish design
• Overall effectiveness
• Lasting
• Warranty
• Customer service

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lights Solar installer provides solar lights (Street-Garden-Lawn-Lantern and accessories) depending on your needs; whether you need the system to be all in one system or an ordinary system. Street lights have different intensities depending on your needs.