Solar Installer is one of the leading companies in the Middle East and Africa specializing in Solar PV (Photovoltaic) EPC Services (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and O&M (Operating & Maintenance).

Between 2017 and 2019, Solar Installer portfolio includes over 200 MW power in Medium & Utility scale projects.

Solar installer database includes top ranked companies locally and internationally in terms of products and equipment.

Solar installer has played a key role in spreading the awareness of efficient,  sustainable and renewable energy, our training programs were held through different sectors in the Egyptian market.

Solar Installer / Benban- Joint venture agreement

Solar Installer is pleased to Announce that we have entered a definitive joint venture contract agreement done with local companies at Benban, this contract will secure Manpower up to 5000 as well as heavy equipment including ramming machines.

This Merger with Benban local companies ; based in (Benban, Aswan); further strengthens our position in the solar energy field within this mega projects. The combination of Solar installer and Benban Local companies will result with a trusted know-how and track record represented by Solar installer with manpower, equipment, and security represented by Benban contracting and Benban sons for services.

As with all important business decisions, we will work closely with our clients, partners, and employees to make this process as smooth as possible. And to further ensure this process, our office in Benban is under construction to be the landmark for the Benban farm project, with the availability of renting offices areas and warehouse facilities, central canteen and central kitchen for catering for developers.

Solar installer started an ambition training program for Benban man power targeting 500 qualified engineers and technicians who will be hired on our payroll ready for installation tasks by the end of January 2018.

Solar installer is using the latest installation machinery including pile drivers, data analyzers, data loggers, hand tools, trucks, heavy equipment, weather stations, civil contractors and drones in order to be the first qualified Egyptian installer that follows the international technical standards and safety procedures with an annual installation capacity up-to 200 MW.